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FloPlast Ltd products are sold in over 25 countries worldwide. In addition to the well-established markets in Western Europe, we work closely together with distribution partners in Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, parts of Africa & some countries in the Far East. 

Here is how we can help:

Adapted Products for your market
At FloPlast we realise the need to adapt our products to the market demand in each country.  Besides our standard product range we try to provide custom made solutions for specific markets.  Together with our local partners we identify the products with the best potential and the highest degree of innovation.

A few examples:

Range of air admittance valves:

AVE100: This solvent Air Admittance Valve has been adapted to fit 100mm soil system specifically for the French market.

AFE32: This solvent Air Admittance Valve works with metric sizes 32, 40 and 50mm, conform to European standard EN12380.

The air admittance valves in the FloPlast range are CE marked.

Rainwater range:
FloPlast offers an 80mm round downpipe and a complete range of 80mm fittings in order to meet the requirements in most of the countries in Mainland Europe.

Product packaging
Appropriate packaging is required for the protection of the goods during handling and long-haul transport.  FloPlast has experience in shipping goods by road (full truck loads and groupage), by sea (container) or by air.  Besides standard FloPlast packaging we are able to provide product with private label packaging if required.

Overseas Partners
FloPlast always welcome new partners abroad, therefore feel free to contact us to explore the opportunity with you.

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