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NMBS Exhibition 2018 – Visit stand 325/326 to enter our competition!

NMBS Exhibition 2018 – Visit stand 325/326 to enter our competition!
14 March 2018

FloPlast Ltd are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s NMBS Exhibition, Ricoh Arena in Coventry...

We Are Recruiting! Specification and Technical Assistant Apprentice

We Are Recruiting! Specification and Technical Assistant Apprentice
22 February 2018

FloPlast are pleased to announce that, due to continued expansion, we currently have a new positi...

Christmas Delivery Schedule 2017

Christmas Delivery Schedule 2017
21 November 2017

With Christmas fast approaching, FloPlast feel it is important to help our customers prepare for ...

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Rainwater Systems

Rainwater Systems FloPlast rainwater systems offer a wide choice of profile design, both traditional and modern, in a range of colours to suit all tastes and applications.

The FloPlast reputation for technical excellence, competitively priced and quality finished products have established the company as a leading supplier of PVC-U Plastic Building products.

FloPlast rainwater systems have been rigorously tested by the BSI, passed with flying colours and were awarded their prestigious kitemark.

System Features:

  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark - no. KM501316.  
  • Gutters, pipes and fittings manufactured in PVC-U, a material which is not easily ignitable and will not support combustion. All products comply with the material requirements of:

    BS EN 12200 1:2000 (Downpipes and fittings)

    BS EN 607:2004 (Gutters and fittings)

    BS EN 1462:2004 (Eaves brackets)
  • Suitable for all types of buildings including domestic, commercial and industrial.
  • Practical rainwater handling systems which do not conduct lightning as metal systems do.
  • Components have a consistent colouring and are essentially maintenance free.
  • Tough and durable, yet lightweight for ease of installation.
  • Products will withstand normal ladder weight.
  • High gloss finish with blemish free surface providing excellent all round weathering and colour fastness.
  • Comprehensive range of systems, colours and fittings to provide solutions to all installation requirements.
  • All large fittings are packaged individually to protect their surface from scratch marks. 
  • Cost effective solution to rainwater collection and drainage.
  • Well defined stylish contours ensure a seamless match with the architecture of all properties, new or old.

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