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Specification, Technical Advice and Guidance

Take advantage of our free advisory service which is available to those involved in the building industry of whom specify or use FloPlast products. Our knowledgeable team offer technical assistance regarding product and installation details.

So, why should you specify FloPlast?
  • Wide range of profiles, sizes and colours available.
  • Manufactured at our site in Kent and our sister company in Ireland.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Manufactured from high performance plastics materials.  
  • Delivery to site option.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • 100% recyclable sustainable products.
  • 10 and 20 year guarantees available with Rainwater/Roofline being available to register online (http://www.floplast.co.uk/products-related/guarantee?m=2)
  • Branches nationwide stocking FloPlast products.
  • Onsite support and training.
  • CAD drawings.
  • Materials scheduled from drawings and priced bills of quantities on request.
  • In house training at our Head Office in Kent.
  • Compatibility with other systems.
  • Before and after Technical assistance free of charge.

As a company we operate quality (BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate No. FM 501414) health & safety (BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate No. OHS 593622) and environmental (BS EN ISO 14001:2015 Certificate No. EMS 538445) management systems, assessed and conforming to BSI standards ISO 19001 and 14001. FloPlast pride themselves on producing safe, reliable and quality 100% recyclable products for our customers and providing a safe and sustainable environment for our employees.

Sustainable friendly products include:

PVC Cladding Systems have been assessed and given an A+ rating where a maximum of 3 points can be claimed through sustainable homes. Click on the following link for more information: http://www.floplast.co.uk/products/pvc-ue-roofline-window-cladding/cladding-systems
StormSaver, a rainwater harvesting system used to collect and recycle rain water then reusing the water around the home. This process is environmental friendly and saving on costly water bills, for more information, click on the following link:

Water Butts and Diverters, used to collect rain water from your roof top and reused on your garden/lawn.
Water Butts: http://www.floplast.co.uk/products/rainwater-systems/water-butts
Rainwater Diverters: http://www.floplast.co.uk/products/rainwater-systems/rainwater-diverters
For more information on our accreditation and certificate downloads, please click on the following link: http://www.floplast.co.uk/about-us/specifications-and-standards/
FloPlast’s Environmental Policy can be viewed via the following link: http://www.floplast.co.uk/about-us/environmental-policy/


Capacity of drainage
There are two factors to take into consideration when selecting gutter size:
  • Roof Area  

The effective roof area can be calculated by using the following formula:
Area in m2 = Length of Roof x Width x Factor dependent on the angle of the roof pitch
  • Flow Capacity
Gutter flow capacity is dependent upon system type, outlet position and whether gutter is laid level or to a specified fall.
Try our gutter calculator via the following link: http://www.floplast.co.uk/products-related/calculator?m=2

Profile Dimensions


Testimonials & Case Studies

“As the project included installing external wall insulation to all properties, it provided an opportunity to replace guttering and waste pipes with new.  As a housing association, we have always used FloPlast products in the past and were happy to specify this within the contract.”                                        
Mike Conway, Project Surveyor from AmicusHorizon.

"The product was straightforward and very easy to install. It was very clean with no faults to the plastic. A pamphlet was provided with the product, showing a diagram of installation, which was very useful. There are no improvements I would make to this product."                                                             
Graham Sullivan, Sullivan Builders Ltd

“FloPlast have a reputation for providing a quality product at competitive prices. I found this product easy to install and once in place, the guttering provided a realistic cast iron effect which blended well with the overall appearance of the property”.
Richard Aker, Akers Developments Limited.

“It gives me great confidence to be able to offer my customers a 10 year guarantee on FloPlast’s complete Roofline System. FloPlast products are of the highest quality and are easy to install”.       
Lee Douglas, Roofline Force.

Please click here for details of sample installations of our systems: http://www.floplast.co.uk/case-studies

Useful Information

For common FAQ’s answered, please click here: http://www.floplast.co.uk/downloads-faqs/f
For installation videos please click on the product range listed below:
Rainwater http://www.floplast.co.uk/products-related/rainwater-installation-video
StormSaver http://www.floplast.co.uk/products-related/stormsaver-information-video
Soil http://www.floplast.co.uk/products-related/soil-installation-video
Waste & Traps http://www.floplast.co.uk/products-related/waste-and-traps-installation-video
Underground http://www.floplast.co.uk/products-related/underground-drainage-installation-video
 FloFit http://www.floplast.co.uk/products-related/flofit-installation-video
Our installation guides can also be downloaded, please click on the ‘downloads’ section found at the bottom of this page.

RAL Guide.pdf (348KB)
BBA Certificate - Cladding.pdf (153KB)
BBA Certificate - Fascia.pdf (164KB)
Installation Guide_Roofline.pdf (228KB)
FM 501414.pdf (360KB)
OHS_593622.pdf (485KB)
Woodgrain Warranty.pdf (585KB)
BSI Certificate.pdf (402KB)
Installation_Guide_-_Cast_iron.pdf (237KB)
Installation_Guide_Rainwater.pdf (215KB)
Rainwater Installation Guide.pdf (675KB)
Rainwater_Technical_Data_Sheet.pdf (3.49MB)
Stormsaver_Tank_Data_sheet_Layout_1.pdf (216KB)
AAV BSI Kitemark Certificate.pdf (391KB)
AAV_Test_report_281430_-_110mm_2012_FloPlast.pdf (488KB)
KM 5443310001.pdf (457KB)
KM 572704 - Structured Soil.pdf
KM 572704.pdf (703KB)
KM548614.pdf (341KB)
Waste And Traps installation guide.pdf
BSI Kitemark 544332.pdf
BSI KM 563462 - Stuctured Underground.pdf
BSI KM 563462 15072011.pdf (706KB)
Channel_Drainage_Installation.pdf (982KB)
Ground_Guard_installation_Soil2_Layout_1(1).pdf (4.42MB)
GroundGuard_installation_Gravel.pdf (4.5MB)
KM 563461.pdf (724KB)
Underground Installation Guide.pdf (1.4MB)
FloFit installation guide.pdf (1.07MB)
WRAS_Certificate.pdf (4.07MB)
Energy Policy.pdf (1.83MB)