For what applications would I use the MDPE system?

The MDPE system is designed for coldwater applications only.

How do I fit the MDPE pipe into the fittings?

You will first need to insert the pipe liner into the pipe (this might be a tight fit and may require a hammer to tap it in gently).

You will then need to loosen the nut on the fitting and push the pipe in as far as it can go and then tighten the nut back up on the fitting.

What is the pressure rating for the MDPE system?

The MDPE fittings have been tested to 16 bars and the pipe has been tested to 12 bars.

What temperatures will the MDPE system withstand?

No hot water should be passed through the system as it is designed for cold water only.

If possible then the system should be installed away from any hot pipe work as it will start to affect the performance of the system with temperatures as little as 30°c.

When installing the MDPE system do you need to protect the system in anyway?


Will the MDPE pipe need to be insulated if it is installed above ground level?

If installed externally it should be lagged to protect it from frost and ultra violet degradation.