Can FloPlast gutter systems be painted?

If the gutter needs to be painted, the system should be cleaned, with a degreasing agent such as sugar soap. Once cleaned 2 coats of a good quality gloss paint should be applied. Avoid scouring or roughing the surface of the plastic as this will affect the final appearance of the painted product.

Can FloPlast Gutters be cleaned?

FloPlast’s gutters are produced from PVC-u and are considered low or relatively maintenance free. It may be necessary from time to time to clean our lighter gutter systems. We recommend that a soapy warm water solution is used when cleaning – in severe cases a non-abrasive kitchen cream cleaner can be used.

Can you use solvent cement on FloPlast gutter systems?

Solvent cement is not necessary to use with any gutter or downpipe on normal installations. However it can be used if required on extended offsets.

Do FloPlast offer a guarantee on the rainwater systems?

FloPlast offer a 10 year performance guarantee on all ranges on the condition that the installation is correct as per FloPlast guidelines and is subject to a site visit. A 10 year guarantee against discolouration is offered for Black, Brown, White, Grey and Anthracite Grey with a 20 year guarantee for the Cast Iron effect.

Do I need to allow for expansion on Offsets?

It is not necessary to make any allowance for expansion between offset bends.

Do I need to fit my gutter with a gradient?

FloPlast’s domestic eaves gutters, especially when fixed with a rafter bracket, should be fitted at a gradient no greater than 1:350 fall. The gradient should not be too steep, as this will cause an excessive gap between the lowest edge of the roof and the top of the gutter. Gutters fitted with a fall will have a higher drainage capacity, please refer to our flow rate calculator.

How can “Cast Iron” Style gutters be connected to traditional cast iron?

FloPlast have an extensive range of adaptors. Use the 2 piece adaptor RD5.

How can I prevent leaves blocking my gutters?

FloPlast manufactures FloGuard, which prevents both debris and leaves collecting on the inside of the gutters – balloons are also available, for added protection in the outlets.

How do I connect to a neighbour’s different gutter?

FloPlast have a range of adaptors for most applications, please refer to our section on rainwater adaptors and download our compatibility table.

How do I fit my downpipe into Underground Drainage?

Please refer to our section on downpipe adaptors.

How do I install gutter with out any fascia boards to fix the fascia brackets to?

FloPlast supply a universal rise a fall bracket which comes complete with a spike to set into the mortar between brick work. This fittings then allows you to fix a fascia bracket to that.

Alternatively, FloPlast also supply rafter brackets which fix straight onto the side or top of a rafter and again allows you to fix a fascia bracket to them.

How do I work out what Flow rate is required?

A flow rate calculator is available on our website here – alternatively please contact 01795 431731 to speak to our technical department.

How do you make a swan neck downpipe connection?

You need to connect two 112.5* offset bends together to make a swan neck bend.

How do you stop a union bracket from leaking?

At the first instance the union bracket would need to be inspected. One of the issues could be incorrect installation, this could result in the gutter pulling out of the union bracket.

Also, if the gutter is not installed up to the correct marking on the fitting to allow for expansion & contraction again the gutter can pull out of the fitting.

How much of FloPlast gutter is made from recycled plastics?

A maximum of 20% is recycled plastics as per British Standards. FloPlast gutter is fully recyclable after use.

How much room do I need to leave for the expansion of gutter?

Tests have shown that expansion and contraction of gutter occurs during normal usage, and expansion tolerances are allowed for within our fittings.

Tests were conducted between -8ºC and +40ºC where an expansion of 14.63mm was experienced over a 4 metre  length.

These are obvious extremes, and under normal daily temperature fluctuations expansion and contraction will be in the region of 10mm per 4 metre length.

What are the dimensions of the Drainguard?

Height at front – 30mm
Height at rear – 107mm
Depth – 300mm
Width – 310mm
Width including screw fixing – 335mm
Screwhole centreline – 315mm
Cut out area – 100mm X 145mm

What are the dimensions of the FloPlast rainwater hoppers?

Width – 280mm
Depth from wall including fixing lugs – 170mm
Depth of actual hopper – 185mm
Height at front – 170mm
Height at back – 180mm

Width of actual hopper – 300mm
Width including fixing lugs – 325mm
Depth – 215mm
Height – 255mm

Width of actual hopper – 300mm
Width including fixing lugs – 365mm
Depth – 150mm
Height – 230mm

What are the fixing instructions for the FC50 (Cast Iron Effect Fixings)?

The FC50 is a 12 gauge X 50mm stainless steel screw, with a 12mm, 12 point star head that requires a socket to tighten it. When using these fixings to install the RH4 & RH5 Hoppers, we advise that a 25mm rubber washer is used.

This is because the pre-made screw hole in the hopper is quite large and there is a chance that the screw head could twist and go through the hole.

What are the maximum centres for Gutter Fascia Brackets?

In general, Gutter Fascia Brackets should be a maximum of 1m apart. However, different profiles and downpipe configurations present other design considerations. Please see our Rainwater installation video for more information:

What are the stand off measurements from the wall to the back of the downpipe when using different downpipe clips?

65mm Square downpipe:
RCS1 – 32mm
RCS2 – 4mm
RCS3 – 32mm

68mm Round downpipe:
RC1 – 29mm
RC3 – 30mm
RC4 – 13mm

50mm Round downpipe:
RCM1 – 20mm

80mm Round downpipe:
RCH3 – 23mm

What capacity of water do your gutters hold?

Please refer to our section on Flow Rates for more information.

What colours are FloPlast Rainwater Systems, and what is the colour coding for them?

Black Jet Black RAL 9005
White Signal White RAL 9003
Brown Mahogany Brown RAL 8016
Grey Grey RAL 7046
Cast Iron Cast Iron (Black) RAL 9005
Anthracite Graphite Grey RAL 7024


What gutter systems are available from FloPlast?

Systems that are available are:
76mm Miniflo Half Round
112mm Half Round
114mm Square Line
110mm Niagara (Ogee)
115mm Hi-Cap (Deep Flow)
170mm Xtraflo

What is the flow rate for the FloPlast hoppers?

RH1/ RHS1 – 1.14 lts/sec = 54.5 sq/mts of roof
RH4 – 2.18 lts/sec = 104.5 sq/mts of roof
RH5 – 2.18 lts/sec = 104.5 sq/mts of roof
RHH1 – 1.66 lts/sec = 79.5 sq/mts of roof

What systems can the FloGuard leaf guard be used with?

Floguard can be used with Half Round, Squareline & Hi Cap.

When do FloPlast recommend the use of silicone spray?

FloPlast recommend the use of silicone spray/ lubricant on all gutter installations.

All fittings with seals in need silicone lubricant to assist with the insertion of the gutter.

Washing up liquid would not be suitable for this as it can be detrimental to the rubber seals in the fittings.

Where and how far apart should Downpipe Clips be?

Downpipe clips should be placed below the sockets of offset bends, joints, branches and shoes, and at maximum intervals of 1.8 mtrs.

Which screws should be used to secure fascia brackets to fascia boards?

For 2 hole fixing use 25mm x 5mm non-ferrous round head screws 1 hole fixing use 40mm x 5mm non-ferrous round head screws. Counter sunk screws can be used as long as that during installation care is taken not to overtighten, particularly when using power tools.