● Suitable for all types of buildings including domestic, commercial and industrial.

● Practical rainwater handling systems which do not conduct lightning as metal systems do.

● Components have a consistent colouring and are essentially maintenance free.

● Tough and durable, yet lightweight for ease of installation.

● Products will withstand normal ladder weight.

● High gloss finish with blemish free surface providing excellent all round weathering and colour fastness.

● Comprehensive range of systems, colours and fittings to provide solutions to all installation requirements.

● All large fittings are packaged individually to protect their surface from scratch marks.

● Cost effective solution to rainwater collection and drainage.

● Well defined stylish contours ensure a seamless match with the architecture of all properties, new or old.

BSI Kitemark number: KM 501316 – BS EN 607, BS EN 12200 and BS EN 1462 Plastic rainwater, piping and guttering systems for above ground use – Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (PVC-U) (with the exception of Miniflo and “Cast iron” Style)

BS EN 12200 – Plastic rainwater piping systems for above ground external use – Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (PVC-U)

BS EN 1329 –Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (PVC-U). Specifications for pipes, fittings and the system.
Kitemark: KM 563460

BS EN 1453 – Plastics piping systems with structured-wall pipes for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature) inside buildings. Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U). Specifications for pipes and the system

BS 4514 – Unplasticized PVC soil and ventilating pipes of 82.4 mm minimum mean outside diameter, and fittings and accessories of 82.4 mm and of other sizes.

BS EN 681 – Elastomeric seals. Material requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications. Part 1 vulcanised rubber.

Roof Area


Design and installation



Gutter flow capacity is dependent upon system type, outlet position and whether gutter is laid level or to a specified fall. The table above gives the required information based upon a Rainfall intensity of 75mm per hour and recommendations from BS EN 12056-3:2000.

Single Roof.


Please enter details of the roof. All measurements should be in metres.

Hipped Roof

Double Valley

Roof 1
Roof 2
Roof 3


Valley Roof

Roof 1
Roof 2