Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting

The Stormsaver rainwater harvesting system is used to collect rainwater to be reused around the home for flushing toilets, supplying washing machines and outside taps. This process is environmentally friendly and creates a saving on costly water bills.

● Uses over 75% less energy than other traditionally pumped Rainwater Harvesting systems, by using clever suction technology.

● Low decibel rating.

● Flow Rate of 10 litres per minute (same as mains pressure).

● Compact control unit, which can easily fit into either a kitchen cupboard, or be located in a utility room or garage.

● Cost effective solution to reuse rainwater effectively.

● The shallow dig tank is robust and comes with all the necessary components such as integral filtration, overflow siphon and inlet calmer pre-fitted for ease of installation.

● Ideal for new build properties and homes with up to 6 bedrooms.

BS 8515:2009+A1:2013: Rainwater harvesting systems